How big is this canopy?

  • The interior height is 9’ from the top of the base plates to the underside of the canopy to comply with NYC fire code
  • The overall height with solar is 10’ to comply with NYC zoning (15’ above max building height allowable for solar)
  • Our patented canopy system can adjust from 15-30’ wide to fit the width of the roof and is 15-20’ long.

Describe the structure and its benefits.

  • Our canopy is made from custom T6-6061 structural aluminum profiles - maximized strength and minimized weight
  • All components of our system are less than 9’6” long so that they can be carried up the stairs or in a typical elevator, eliminating the need for a crane. Once the canopy parts arrive on the roof, they can be bolted together in one day.
  • The structure meets all NYC DOB structural requirements including snow loads and wind uplift for Zone D areas
  • Our system can also support a fully suspended deck to create an inhabitable rooftop amenity without touching the roof.

How many panels can this canopy hold?

  • One canopy system can hold 12-28 typical 60 cell Solar PV panels depending on the width of your roof.
  • Using standard solar rails, different configurations can be assembled to accommodate other panel types/quantities. 

How much electricity does this canopy generate?

  • Using 320w panels, we can generate anywhere from 4.9W – 9kW. (this is our base solar canopy model)
  • This can be enough electricity to power an entire townhouse/row house depending on energy usage
  • Our system can accommodate most panel types, including different sized or higher wattage panels.

I have a flat roof. I did the research and solar does not pay off.

  • Putting solar on an elevated canopy structure allows you to maximize the solar capacity for your roof  (you can cover up to 80% of your roof with solar - allowable by NYC DOB code)
  • By elevating the solar panels, you can avoid all obstructions on the roof, rise above potential shadows caused by neighboring buildings/trees, and allow for required 6’ wide fireman’s path below without sacrificing solar coverage. 

My roof has too many obstructions.

  • The legs of our structure angle inwards to avoid any conflicts along the parapet walls (ie. chimneys and vent pipes)
  • Obstructions on the roof surface such as skylights are no longer an issue with solar elevated on a canopy structure

I live in an old building with a structurally unstable roof.

  • Rather than mounting our system directly on your roof, our structure bolts directly to your building’s load bearing parapet walls. Your rooftop will remain untouched.
  • This is also better for waterproofing, drainage, and ease of future roof maintenance.

I have a long roof. Can I purchase a bigger canopy?

  • YES. This canopy is scale-able. We can either add an extension to our standard  canopy or install two base models on your roof and connect them together.

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